Houston’s Sound and Music Resource

Szabo Sound and Music is committed to providing excellent audio, in every step of the production process. On location, we bring not only the broadest array of premium equipment, but also the most expert ears in the market, with years of experience in film and television production. In the studio, we offer cutting edge equipment in Houston’s best-designed 5.1 surround mixing room. Our engineers are competent and creative, and prepared to make your film, television, radio, or multimedia project sound better than you imagined it could. Since 1988, Szabo Sound and Music has been proud to offer the composing talents of Scott Szabo, who is as at-home with an orchestra as he is with a 4-piece rock ensemble. Scott lends his vision to soulful country ballads, techno grooves, and cinematic film scores alike.

Location Equipment for Sound Production


Location Audio

When you hire a sound mixer from Szabo Sound and Music, you can be confident that you’re working with the best. We’ve recorded everything from small-budget video shoots to big budget feature films. We’re problem solvers and we bring back the best sound possible every time. Look to us for sound mixers, boom operators, and playback operators. We also offer film and video sound equipment rentals; an assortment of microphones, mixers, recorders, and playback systems.


A nationally syndicated TV series. A theatrically released feature film. A nationally aired commercial. Your next TV show, spot, or film. What do they have in common? Music by Scott Szabo. Between Nashville and LA, a Texas native on the third coast, Scott makes music that reflects a broad range of influences and a vision that’s all his own. What’s more – it’s music that connects. Connects with your vision. Connects with your audience. Scott will make you sound like a million bucks, and leave you with enough to buy a shelf for all the awards that are sure to follow.

Post-Production Audio

Szabo Sound and Music offers full service post-production audio from ADR to MP3. We’ve produced radio commercials, sweetened dialogue, mixed entire films, and even prepared Latin music for choreographed dance film by Emmy award winning choreographer Kenny Ortega. You name it, we’ve done it. We’ve got a great sounding Pro Tools surround sound suite and engineers that listen – to the mix and to you. Bring your next post-production audio project to us and hear what you’ve been missing.


Our studio includes:

  • Pro Tools 10 HD with D-Command Console
  • THX certified surround sound speaker system
  • Microphones: Neumann, Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamics, Rodes, Shure, Octava, EV
  • Plug ins: Sony Oxford EQ, Filter Bank, Channel Strip, Reverb One, ReVibe, D-verb, Focusrite Red EQ and Compressor, TC Mega Reverb and Chorus, 1176 compressor, LA-2A compressor, Waves Gold Bundle 4.0 (C4, C1, DeEsser, Maxx Bass, Meta Flanger, True Verb, Renaissance Compressor and EQ), Amp Farm, Eventide H949 Harmonizer, IZotope Audio Restoration
  • Software Synths and Samplers: Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Trilian, Konact 4 with Vienna Symphonic Library, Acid Pro 4.0, Reason, Ableton Live, Virus Indigo